word “ADVERTISING”, and a new career was born.  It was the perfect mix of business and creativity, and being the competitive person she is, Chris ended up the proud recipient of the Advertising Graduate of the Year award from the University of Oregon.

She spent the next several years working at a large advertising agency, writing and producing ads for print, radio, TV, direct mail, transit, and outdoor platforms for some of the area's largest businesses.  From there she focused on producing television and video projects, winning some awards along the way, but more importantly producing projects that brought results for her clients. 

​And now to the present day, where Chris is based in Eugene, Oregon and happily runs Elliott Image Media Production, employing the expert services of some of the area's most experienced and talented technicians, and creating great work for great people.  

Video Production Services

Call:  541-206-8025               Email:  chris@elliottimage.com

Chris Elliott's first career was in restaurant management where she traveled the world training new managers and franchise owners on how to run their businesses.  Wanting to spend more time with her  beautiful family, she decided a career change was in order so she went to the University career center, opened a large book, saw the